Undeniable Benefits of Using an Electric Shaver

electric shaver

Shaving is a masculine emancipation that guy chauvinists over centuries have made up of an aura of invincibility around them to keep carefully the fairer gender under subjugation for the simple reason that hair will not grow on their faces like men because of their soft, even, and sensitive skin area. Men took this as a masculine characteristic and have been shaving their faces over centuries and also have been mainly using the razor knife a very pointed steel tool to cut the scalp off their faces, most probably, every day of every year.

Although razor blade is still widely used, it’s the electric shaver that has been taking the world by storm since it was initially introduced by W.G Shockey in 1906 and made an impressive debut for the sheer audacity of the invention, of which no person was expecting at that time in the first 20th century.

From then on, Jacob Schick, a Lieutenant Colonel of america Army invented the one that was fully electric. It dished up him well and was also sold within the Army. Since then, there has been a significant improvement in the introduction of the electric shaver, culminating with increasing sophistication today where users can buy the best electric shavers whenever they need one.[1]

The electric shaver, though it has been limited to the essential function, has improved its internal features to provide shavers an extremely efficient shave. Today, it is one of the very most popular personal items, carried by men plus some women too.

Below, we list five of the very most undeniable benefits of using an electric philips shaver spares for those who would have to venture out and get one for themselves too:

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1. Smooth shave
A power shaver will give a very easy shave by lifting the undesired facial hair up before slicing it as brief as it can be. Most popular makes of electric razors have the twice action feature where in fact the front circular cutting tool lifts the scalp, as the second edge following behind slices the head of hair from the main. The shave you have with a power shaver would give that person a very clean cut without the hair being left out after the deed is performed.

2. No cuts and abrasions
The electric shaver won’t leave cuts and abrasions like the age old razor blade and can only supply you with a very clean-cut shave that will provide you with an ever-present debonair look. The inherent hazard with razor blades is the often developing cuts and abrasions on your face, but that problem does not occur with electric shavers because the electric razors are extremely safe in that aspect. When reductions and abrasions appear on the face, they tend to bleed profusely and can do so for a long period, that can be avoided by sticking with electric shavers.

3. No drinking water and foam required
You would not need water and foam when you shave with a power shaver because the pattern of cutting is a lot unique of that of a razor blade. A razor blade uses friction to slice the scalp whilst either moving down or through to the facial skin, but a power shaver will ensure it shaves the wild hair through the use of a circular motion of its blades. It does so within the casing that protects it, and also without damaging your skin layer.

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4. Portable
An electric shaver can go anywhere that you would want it to go and is an extremely useful personal item to be carried along wherever you may go. It can be shoved inside any travel tote, which will give you consolation that the necessity to conduct a little personal health is always achievable and along close by. The planet is getting busier each day and having requirements offer some convenience makes life just a little easier.

5. Simple to use
An electric shaver is an extremely easy way to shave your face and other areas of the body. With regards to continued use, if it’s driven by rechargeable batteries, then it is a subject of just turning it on and silently doing what you ought to do. You could shave on the run and without taking a rest because the electric shaver is such a versatile contraption. Even when you’re at the office, whenever 5 o’clock shadow occurs, rely on a power shaver to tidy up somewhat.