Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking and Tours


Your Tanzania safari tour will be incomplete without climbing Kilimanjaro. If you love adventures and excitements, here are some of the guidelines and tips you should consider. Without proper planning and preparation for your Mount Kilimanjaro trekking, it would be almost difficult to do Kilimanjaro climb safely and successfully.

As you go through the grass land of Tanzania, you’ll catch the sight of beautiful Mount Kilimanjaro (5,892 m). It is considered to be the highest mountain in Africa climbing Kilimanjaro, and one of the ‘Seven Summits’ that elite mountaineers often seek to climb. The Kilimanjaro climb can be done by trekking alone if you’re fit to do it.

Kilimanjaro climb is not something that one cannot trek, if you’re physically fit, confident, and some experience of hiking, then you can make your way to the summit. Before climbing it, consult an efficient tour company or trekking guide.

Choose the Best Time:

Weather plays an important role when it comes to climbing Kilimanjaro. Your chances for reaching the summit safely increase when the weather is fine. If the climate is unfair, then you may have to face the troubles involving the effects of rain, mud, snow, and cold. And therefore, the best time for your climb is the warmest and the driest months like January, February, and September.

Choose the Convenient Route:

Each route has its own specialties and characteristic and you have to consider the one which is safe and secure. Lemosho and Shira are the recommended, followed by Machame and Rongai. You should consider the longer route because it can give you a better chance of reaching the summit due to altitude acclimatization.

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Things You May Carry With You:

You should make your gear list sensibly and take those ones which are really unavoidable because stuffing unnecessary gears into your backpack can make your climbing difficult. Take with you the right clothes like shorts and t-shirts for walking in the blazing sunshine besides the other clothing items to protect you from the climatic conditions. Good quality boots are necessary to have safeguard against odd paths. Bring the essential gears with you which will be useful to you.

Get Yourself Ready Physically and Mentally!

It requires confidence, physical and mental readiness for climbing Kilimanjaro. If you’ve some training of hiking or trekking, then it will give you some confidence. You can also have one or two month training prior to climbing it. Strong determination along with some trekking tips and guidance will surely help you.

Get to Know About Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS):

Most climbers get some form of mild AMS while trekking the mountain. Altitude sickness can be very fatal if you ignore it. Once you feel some symptoms of mild AMS, then you must inform your guide immediately.

So, it is crucial to learn about some trekking tips and guidelines to make your Kilimanjaro climb safer and successful.