What is the Salary of an Executive Assistant?


If you find yourself working crazy long hours and wasting a lot of time on things like making appointments and planning work travel, it may take a huge load off you to hire a personal assistant. You will love the extra time on your hands to spend with family, friends, and to look after your health.

While it will cost you more to hire a new staff member, the benefits will be well worth it. You can even just have an executive assistant help you out on a part-time basis to get started.

This is what you can expect to pay an executive assistant at various levels of experience.

Executive Assistant Salaries

Executive assistant jobs are not at the top of the log of high paying occupations, but assistant personnel do earn comfortably. The salary stipend will vary depending on where in their career the executive assistant is.

Early Career

Junior personal assistants with between one and four years will typically earn in the region of up to £27,000 per year. If you are looking to keep your salary payments down, you should consider this sector of employees.

However, the lower salaries come less experience, so if your business is a complex one, you may be better off looking for someone more experienced.


An executive assistant with between five and nine years of experience will normally earn in the realm of £33,142 per annum.

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Experienced Executive Assistant

An assistant at the height of their career with 10 to 19 years of experience will earn about £34,000 a year. They can earn up to $36 000 and higher though depending on their skill sets and capabilities.

Late Career

An assistant who has been working for 20 years or longer will be starting to slow down, and will generally earn about £33,813 per annum.

Area Averages

The salary amount that an executive assistant takes home is also dependent on the area in which they work. Those working in London can expect to earn the highest. London salaries for personal assistants are more than 27% higher than the national average.

Executive assistant jobs in Reading pay 4% higher than the national average, while areas such as Birmingham, Bristol, and Manchester are lower than the national average, by 5%, 14%, and 7% respectively.

Popular Personal Assistant Skills

Aside from being concerned about salary, you need to know what a personal assistant can help you with exactly. Executive assistants generally provide administrative support to management.

Commonly appreciated skills include:

  • Executive support
  • Office administration
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office and other frequently used programmes
  • Travel planning experience

You will need to decide what you need help with and then approach an agency when you are ready to find the right candidate.

Need an Executive Assistant?

Executive assistant jobs are affordable and seriously helpful for the employer. If you do not already have a personal assistant, you should start interviewing immediately.

Contact our recruitment agency, Hazelton Clive, today at 0808-1641321 to get matched up with ideal candidates.

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