Festival of Lights Longleat Guide

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The legendary Happening of Light is returning because of its sixth time showcasing ‘Myths and Legends’. It attracts inspiration from epic testimonies from surrounding the world; from the gods and marvelous beings of ancient Greece, to heroic stories of British folklore.

Enter the Land of the Gods and come face to face with Zeus, Poseidon, Medusa and the Minotaur. Business past Cerberus, the three-headed hound and gatekeeper to the Underworld, to witness Hercules battle the many-headed serpent.

Watch in awe as the monstrous Kraken emerges from the depths of Longleat’s Half-Mile Lake to overwhelm a full-sized dispatch, to see Jack the Large Slayer undertake his colossal foe.

Beware the troll as you step under his bridge and appearance out for the mischievous leprechauns and fairies of folklore inside the Fairy Garden.

THE PRIMARY Square at Longleat will be dominated by a huge Tree of Life and there’s also a life-sized recreation of a palace from the Arabian Times, alongside dozens of other stunning, brightly-coloured, illuminated tableaux get spread around across the 30-acre ‘Capabilities’ Brown designed gardens.

Not merely will the Estate be gleaming with lanterns, a Festival of Lights Longleat show will be projected to the front of the home for the very first time as part of a stunning new feature. Tourists will also be able to color their very own lanterns using special light projections.

The big enchanted, musical Xmas Tree, returns with its tale of festive enjoyment and the Santa Trains will be transporting people to meet SANTA CLAUS in his wintry woodland grotto.

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Guests can immerse themselves in the magic of storytelling with the ‘Journey Before Christmas’ – a distinctive festive experience featuring real flying owls plus there’s the chance to enjoy all of Longleat’s popular animal and trip attractions, including the Safari Drive-through, Jungle Kingdom, Koala Creek, Jungle Cruise trip and Longleat Hedge Maze.

Longleat House itself should come alive with a roaring 1920s Holiday party theme. This season is the 70th anniversary of the House being opened to the general public by the 6th Marquess of Shower. He designed to recreate the heyday of his young ones, so in this heart, the home will be furnished to match and may include a world premiere of archive film footage, used by the 6th Marquess himself.
During the yuletide season, visitors can experience the Safari Park and Longleat House during the day, and then explore the illuminated shows after dark.

The 2018 event will feature more than 1000 illuminated Chinese lanterns and the Wiltshire-based fascination is claiming that it will be their most ambitious ever before Christmas event.

The Festivity of Light highlights

The event, ‘The Festivity of Light: AN EXCELLENT Voyage’ will in the beginning start Fridays to Sundays from 9th to 25th November. Then, from 30th November to 6th January it’ll be open up daily (excluding Holiday Day).

Visitors will join Harry and Bea, an adventurous brother and sister duo, and their dog Monty, as they attempt their journey.

Walk-through exhibits will need groups under the ocean, back to age dinosaurs, to the Arctic and witness a castle besieged by armour-clad knights.

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Shows will feature scenes from South America, Japan, India and Papua New Guinea.

Other highlights will be the 28-metre-long steam coach, biplane and hot air balloon.

More festive fun

This season will also start to see the return of the Musical Xmas Tree Show, complete with snow, and the Santa Teach, which will be on hand to transport visitors to meet SANTA CLAUS in his woodland grotto.

The ‘Trip before Holiday’ storytelling experience will also feature in the 2018 event, complete with real soaring barn and tawny owls.
Other highlights are the drive-through Winter Safari, a stop by at Monkey Temple and Jungle Kingdom, a Jungle Luxury cruise and an illuminated Hedge Maze.

Longleat House itself will also be decorated in style for a 1920s Holiday, using descriptions and items from Longleat’s own archives. Live characters will be dotted at home, to truly bring the knowledge to life.

Group benefits

Sets of 12 or even more can reap the benefits of exclusive perks or more to 30% discount. Pre-booking is necessary.